about Andrew

I think I started my design career in second year high school, where for an english assignment I made a free form poem designed to hang on a small rotary clothesline made from meccano. With a little handle the teacher wound it around and around, reading as she went. The colourful hangings, the placards that with turning revealed different sides of text: it transcended being a thing of identifiable parts and became a piece of communication. I thought it was good but wasn’t prepared for the squeals of delight (from the teacher). It stayed in my mind.

Continue to the present day where the meccano has gone digital but I’m still working with words, pictures and spaces: interpreting, clarifying, distilling, sometimes surprising and delighting.

Along the way there have been progressions, diversions, forwards and backs but good, meaningful design enhancing the client’s message is the goal, the brief paramount and success through collaboration and good work practice the process. And having a thing for the hills hoist.